A Great Find At A Budget Price Scalextric GT-R White

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Since the beginning of January, I’ve been looking for a red Nissan GT-R at a budget price. I’ve been keeping an eye on a red one that seems to keep getting re-listed with no buyer on eBay. The issue with the car is that it’s listed for $60 and the shipping is $14. This makes the car out of reach in my opinion; the car may be worth that in the next one or two years.

Being unaware that Scalextric (Hornby Hobbies) created a white Nissan GT-R I was only focused on the red. This one appeared at the right time with a buy-it-now price on eBay. In total, I was able to pick this car up for $27. It’s truly a testament to always be patient and diligent.

The car isn’t in mint condition, there appears to be something wrong with the rear axle. Maybe the clips that keep it attached to the frame have broken off somehow. I’ll take it apart and compare it to my silver GT-R. Then I’ll know if it’s something that I can fix or not. Regardless it came with a DPR chip installed so I got my $27 worth.

I believe these toy cars will have a valuable future but it’s too soon to be asking for money in the $70 range. I will continue patiently looking for the red car to add to my collection. If you know of any other colors made of this car leave me a comment in this post.

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