Mower Ignition Troubleshooting Used on Gas RC

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Mower ignition is no different than a 1/5 RC; the RC is just smaller. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience with ignition it’s cheap enough to replace where you shouldn’t have to worry much. You can find a new ignition coil easily around the price of $20. Coils can’t be repaired, buy a new one and don’t waste time trying to figure out what happened.

The coil will usually be held on by two bolts; unscrew them and it will slide right off. When trying to test for ignition problems you’ll have a tester that fits between the coil and spark plug. When you pull the starter rope the tester has a light in it that will light up if there’s spark. If it doesn’t light up then you know it’s the coil.

Troubleshooting these small engines is way easier than you think. For some reason we make things so complicated and that’s what creates fear. Don’t be afraid, just have patience. If for some reason you get frustrated take a break, don’t rush.


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