Hardyway Racing Budget Free Pointers To Be Financially Sound

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I started working on the Hardyway Racing budget document and wanted to give you an example. You don’t have to do yours like this but it will give you a good start. Track any and everything that you spend money on.

Since I’m using an Excel spreadsheet the first thing I did was make three tabs at the bottom. The tabs are RC10B74.1, RC10B6.2, and General Parts. On each tab, there are the following headings; Brand, Size, Component, Price, Date Purchased, Condition, and Store.

Under the Price column on each worksheet, there is a field that adds all of the prices together. So I know exactly how much I’ve spent on the RC10B74.1, RC10B6.2, and General parts. This eliminates all of the guessings about what has been spent.

RC10B6.2 Worksheet Tab

General Parts Worksheet Tab

RC10B74.1 Worksheet Tab

So when I’m out racing at RC Pitstop and Raceway and breaking parts, I’ll know exactly what it’s going to cost me to replace it. Hopefully, this helps you with tracking your parts purchasing as well.

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