Down To The Frame Stripped Down And Beautiful

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When the motor is out and there’s nothing exposed but a frame, the car looks so different. The fear of breaking the car disappears because it’s down to its lowest level. There’s truly nothing else you can do to hurt it.

At this point, I’m contemplating if I continue to break it down further. Do I make the car perfect or put it together just enough to make it usable and fun to play with? I don’t want this car to sit on a shelf I truly want to enjoy it.

I’m going to clean the frame up and get all of the dirt and mud off of it. The car is pretty yucky, once I get it cleaned up I’ll use it pretty much just in the grass or street. My goal is to get it where it looks good too.

Another thing I’ll check out is the radio and transmitter. I feel like there’s a lag in its response when you first turn it on. I wasn’t too worried about it when I first got it because, with the messed up clutch, it was really slow anyway. But with the clutch fixed and it’s way faster I can’t afford for the radio to fail.

The current status of the car can be a little intimidating. But it’s a reminder that it’s a toy and it’s meant to be simple to understand. When I came to that conclusion it put me at rest. Even though I’m still in the process of putting the car back together I’m not worried about anything. It’s not like it’s a real car that I depend on to get me to work or something.


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