Rain Keeps You Indoors Plenty Fun Energy To Be Had

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Rain is the perfect time to race on a slot car track. No need to get wet, no need to worry about anything but having fun. Tracks these days are so advanced it’s like having a video game but in real life.

Connect an iOS or Android device to see what position a car is in, and set up simulation thunderstorms. There’s even a mode to have it automate having a flat tire so there’s a need to pit.

No more excuses, stop saying you are bored, let go of the stress and get a slot car track. It’s interesting because there’s a lot of talk about mental health. One of the ways to fight that is by keeping the mind busy and escaping reality. Electric toy cars can help with that no matter what is going on in life.

Plenty of time to run cars and talk to friends. It’s a time that can be fun and also to talk about serious things. Always know if there’s something bothering you others may have experienced the same thing. Don’t be ashamed…

Slot car sets can be found in a couple of different places but I started out at Hobby Lobby.

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I have a love for all things toy car-related whether it's Lamborghini toy cars, Corvette C8 toy cars, or big car toys for adults. My specialty is looking for the best deals in the right places.

Vintage toy cars are something that fascinates me. What makes old toy cars worth money? The desire to have the car that you dreamed about as a kid. Having the income to purchase the car now that you've found, imagining the joy that it will bring.

What toy car brands are hot right now?

Looking for dad hobbies?

Let me help you figure it out.

There are RC cars for beginners and slot car racing for those with smaller budgets.

If you are on eBay so am I - happy hunting.
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