ESCs For Controlling Gigantic Power And Increasing Speed

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Today I spent a little more time reading about the 600z ESCs. I wish that I would have found this one first. Looks like the minimum motor that can go on it is a 13.5T. This is actually okay with me, I’m going to use it on my RC10B74 instead of the 1000Z+

How I’m thinking about using these ESCs now is having the 600Z in both cars. I have the used one that I found on eBay and I purchased a new one directly from the Associated Electronics website. I’ll use the 1000z+ Blackbox as a backup if one of them goes bad during a race at RC Pitstop and Raceway.

I’m feeling really good about the decision on how to use the ESCs now. I wasted money buying the 1000z+ but I’m sure that I’ll make it up somehow later down the road.


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