Are Kyosho RC cars good?

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Kyosho is one of the best brands on the market right now. Cars are built tough and out of the box are competitive. If you aren’t interested in spending your entire day building a kit I definitely recommend one of these cars.

The tough thing right now is that a lot of the Kyosho cars are sold out. So you may have to wait for a little while before they get back in stock. Currently, I’m big on the Fazer MK2, picked one up about a month ago to do some carpet racing. It’s truly one of the best cars in my collection.

The chassis is solid and pretty simple to understand when making repairs. I had to make a fix early because the axle popped out from me hitting a wall. It’s one of the things you have to be careful of since it’s AWD (all-wheel drive).

I’ve tracked the cost of parts on this model as well. You can afford to buy spares of the same parts because they are so cheap. That way if you are out at the track just pull the broken part out and replace it.


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What toy car brands are hot right now?

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There are RC cars for beginners and slot car racing for those with smaller budgets.

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