Running The Fazer Mercedes Was A Wonderful Experience

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Running the Fazer Mercedes was truly exciting at the High Voltage Garage Cars and Coffee event in Wichita, Ks. Truly one of the easiest cars to drive, but enough power to be a handful.

Not much of a mechanic and do not really enjoy building my own RC kits the Mercedes challenged me. It being four-wheel drive and getting bumped against the wall a couple of times the front axle popped out. After downloading the manual and looking at it for a while I was able to figure out how to get it popped back in. It required some dismantling but for the most part, it’s rather simple.

Haven’t completely finished the repair, will take some time tomorrow to get it buttoned up. Would like to take it out again to the track Friday. Hopefully, it won’t run into any more walls breaking things.

One of the best purchases that I’ve made. I haven’t had a Kyosho RC car since I was a kid. Looking for a touring car was the main objective due to the local track starting to race them. Searching for something cheap, simple, and ready to run led me to the Fazer.

Curious about the speed, running the fazer against a Team Associated RC10B6.4 on a carpet track it could hold its own. If I was a better driver I’m sure it could outrun it. I for sure need a lot more practice.


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