Carrera Go Prices Are Rising Due To Crazy Big Inflation

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Inflation is having an impact on some of the cheapest slot cars you can buy. The little Carrera Go 1:43 cars could easily be purchased anywhere between $12 and $15 in the past. Now you see these cars have crept up to $20.

There are some new cars being listed for $29, that’s a little hard for me to accept. Not sure why you would purchase one these cars at that price when you can move up to a better quality used 1:32 car at the same price.

The price increase doesn’t appear to be due to collectors. Most likely it has more to do with manufacturing and importing them into the country. Now, the cool part is if you own some of these little cars already you could make an extra $5 or $10 if they are in good shape.

Since these cars are positioned for kids I don’t believe many adults collect them. I like them, I shave the width of the guides down on them to fit in the groove of my Scalextric track. Once the guide is thinner to fit into the groove these cars work with no problems on the track.

I did do a test to put a Scalextric digital chip in one of them but had trouble when the car attempted to switch lanes, it would get hung up – so I don’t recommend doing it.

Keep an eye on these at garage or estate sales this summer. If you can find one or tow of these with the wings, mirrors attached and not so beat up you could make a couple of bucks because of inflation.


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