Easy Long-Term Investment Vehicle For Your Future

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So why look at slot cars as an investment vehicle? If you’ve followed any of these toy cars over the years you’ll see that they have gone up in price. The beauty of it is that they don’t have to be in mint condition to make a profit.

Right now, the market for collectors is good. There are used cars available out there so it helps also to balance the new market. Don’t get me wrong, the new market is introducing cars for $65. But that gives you an idea that used cars aren’t too far behind; depending on what it is.

What drives demand a lot of times is the hot cars of a certain generation. Current cars gaining momentum are Ferrari, Lamborghini, Chevrolet, Ford and some Nissan models. These are the car brands that were making a lot of noise in 2023 with sports cars.

So back to the initial question of why to look at slot cars as an investment vehicle? There are only so many cars out there to purchase. Since the manufacturers made limited versions of these cars you can ask any price you want. It doesn’t mean that someone will buy it but you never know. It’s not like they will be able to go out to any retail store and purchase a car that was introduced in 2022 – it’s not there anymore.

A perfect example playing out now is Ford GT40 cars. You are seeing people get prices anywhere from $40 to $70 from collectors. They have like a cult following and I don’t think these cars will ever die off because they are icons. What also helps is when Ford remakes the car and there are newer versions of the car. At car shows you can see old versions and new version of this real car which helps drive the toy car market.

Another model that is selling but the price hasn’t exploded is Corvettes. If you are new to the slot car game maybe start there. You’ll always be able to find a Corvette buyer just like in real life. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old model or new, someone wants it if the price is right.

It doesn’t really matter if the car came from a hobby store, Hobby Lobby or eBay – they are all a good investment vehicle. Of course be cause if you are buying used cars if you don’t know how to fix them. I see some auctions saying they didn’t have a way to test it. That makes me feel like they are already telling me the car doesn’t work.

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There are RC cars for beginners and slot car racing for those with smaller budgets.

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