Chimera Gear Hub Is Challenging When It’s Seized On

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Last night I had a chance to do some more work on the 1/5 Chimera RC and ran into a snag with the gear hub. I believe it should have only taken me about 30 minutes to get the gears off. Currently, I still don’t have the gears off. I think at some point the car was worked on before and no one put in grease or any type of lubricant. Everything appears to be seized into place so it’s very challenging.

It’s bad enough that I believe I stripped a couple of the little screws holding it in place. I went ahead and squirted some WD-40 a couple of times and let it sit overnight. I haven’t had a chance to check it this morning to see if it worked. I looked and was sure what the screws were called but found them by finding them in the gear hub set. The manual has them listed as part number 50081 which is incorrect. If you look up that part number it comes up with some type of lock nut.

In the picture below I was able to get the far right gear hub off yesterday; the only one not stuck on. Now I have a better idea of how everything fits together. The two on the left are the ones that I can’t get off at the moment. A little frustrating but it gave me more time to study this entire assembly. It appears that I will have to remove this entire black structure to get to the clutch, which is held on by some screws.

Gear Hub Assembly
Redcat Racing Chimera Gear Hub Assembly Stuck

When I was tired last night, I did have the thought of if it was possible to drill out these screws. I’m sure that’s probably a bad idea, but I was running out of options. This is the pitfall of owning a used car, you don’t know what you may run into or how it was maintained.

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