How Fun And Big Is A 1/5 Scale Adult RC Car?

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A 1/5 scale is the car for serious adult players. These cars are mini versions of real cars but with two-stroke gas motors. You can get some of these cars on electric platforms. It truly depends on your desire or comfort level which type you choose.

The car in the picture of this post is a large-scale gas Losi 5ive-T. I haven’t worked up the courage to play with it yet, even though I’ve had it for two years. I’m thinking that this summer will finally be the time to start it up and test it out.

Don’t be disappointed though, I also just got my hands on a Redcat Rampage Chimera. I was told that it has a clutch problem so I got a pretty good deal on it – half price. I’m looking to get it fixed within the next month and post the videos here on this blog.

I went with the gas motor because I like working on small engines. These little motors remind me of when I was a kid wanting a two-stroke dirt bike. The sound of these engines is amazing and gives the car a personality.

I plan on replacing the 1/5 scale Chimera ESC with one that can talk to my DX5C radio I purchased a while back. That way I can use the same radio on both the Chimera and 5ive-T to cut down on cost.

What’s interesting about the Chimera is that it’s pretty affordable to work on. I’ve been looking at the clutch and it’s around $29. Remember, this is going on a real motor that’s similar to the one like on a weed eater. Usually, motors such as this are bulletproof, so once you fix it, it will run for quite some time. The default motor in the car is 30cc which should have some serious power for an RC car.


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There are RC cars for beginners and slot car racing for those with smaller budgets.

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