Racing Team Is Exciting To See It Come Together

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Starting today I’m going to treat this like I have my own racing team. Figuring out how to win races and do my own promotions. What do I need to do to find my own sponsors? This will be a wonderful challenge for me, something that won’t come so easily.

This is like how a real race car team would function but would be way more expensive. So I guess that I should be thankful these are only toys; investing only thousands instead of millions.

Like a real team, I’m going to have my main race car and a backup car. I’m going to try and make my backup car have the exact same electronics so it functions like the main car. My second car won’t be a 4-wheel drive but a 2-wheel drive.

My goal is to paint the cars the same, but I’ve never painted a car in my life. This will be a fun journey and this blog will be a path to the strategy that I use.

I’m on a budget so it will take me a little bit of time to get the second car up to race-ready conditions. I’ve already taken a step; I purchased a preowned RC10B 6.2 roller a couple of days ago. To get this bad boy up to par it will need about $600 worth of components. I’m thinking it will take me until about March to save up for the parts.


I have a love for all things toy car-related whether it's Lamborghini toy cars, Corvette C8 toy cars, or big car toys for adults. My specialty is looking for the best deals in the right places.

Vintage toy cars are something that fascinates me. What makes old toy cars worth money? The desire to have the car that you dreamed about as a kid. Having the income to purchase the car now that you've found, imagining the joy that it will bring.

What toy car brands are hot right now?

Looking for dad hobbies?

Let me help you figure it out.

There are RC cars for beginners and slot car racing for those with smaller budgets.

If you are on eBay so am I - happy hunting.
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