No Need to Choose Money Over Having Fun

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No need to choose fun over making money. This is why I highly encourage you to add slot cars to your RC collection.

It’s no secret that RC cars can be expensive. The initial cost can be a shocker, and you still need to buy batteries and a charger. It’s a lot to deal with, plus they break easily.

People leave the RC hobby all of the time and are stuck with cars that they sell at highly discounted prices.


Cars sit for long periods of time and are sold cheaply due to outdated electronics and radios. New electronics are easily in the $200 range at the time of purchase. A year goes by and manufacturers come up with improved features making the old stuff obsolete.

No need to choose; there’s a way to have both.

To help in combatting this you should look into purchasing slot cars. Whether it’s HO or 1/32 scale these types of toys have been going up in price over the years. It could help feed your RC ambitions by flipping slot cars.

From this blog, you can see that I own a lot of RC cars but I’m pretty sure none of them are worth what I paid for them. On the other hand, I have some slot cars that have about doubled in price. There are some Tyco sets from the 1980s that are fetching some nice money.

Start doing some research, and get on eBay to get some pricing ideas.


I have a love for all things toy car-related whether it's Lamborghini toy cars, Corvette C8 toy cars, or big car toys for adults. My specialty is looking for the best deals in the right places.

Vintage toy cars are something that fascinates me. What makes old toy cars worth money? The desire to have the car that you dreamed about as a kid. Having the income to purchase the car now that you've found, imagining the joy that it will bring.

What toy car brands are hot right now?

Looking for dad hobbies?

Let me help you figure it out.

There are RC cars for beginners and slot car racing for those with smaller budgets.

If you are on eBay so am I - happy hunting.
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