The Adult Car Workshop Is Coming Along Today

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The workshop has taken most of my time but I’m happy that it’s about done. I need to put concrete anchors on the floor and it will be time to move some cars in.

I intend to make it look like a real car garage inside. I don’t have real sports or hot rod cars, my toys are my joy so I want to give them a cool place to be. I looked and looked for something to put them in and came across lifetime sheds in Costco. So, I ended up going to the Lifetime Sheds website to see what options were available. I didn’t purchase the shed directly from them but on Amazon.

I thought that I could put the shed together myself but that wasn’t possible. I got the flooring down and was able to do a couple of the walls. I started to have trouble when trying to put the corner walls together, I wasn’t strong enough to connect them to the floor alone.

One of the main reasons that I purchased this shed was to have a place to work on the cars. Initially I was working in the garage but the smell of nitro and gas fuel lingers in there for days. My wife wasn’t too happy about that since our real cars are parked in there. The workshop shed has windows and two ways to get in, so I’ll be able to open them when repairing the cars.

I’m excited to get back to the Chimera build, it should be a lot easier in the shed. I’ll try to setup a specific spot for when I’m repairing the cars, right next to the side doors. Hopefully, by next weekend I’ll have all the cars moved in. After the Chimera I believe my next thing will be to tune up a couple of the Nitro cars. I’ve got a T-Maxx and Revo that I’ve never tried to start that I purchased used. I’m sure they both need some work.


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