What is a digital slot car track?

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You want to know what is a digital slot car track. It’s like a regular slot car track but with a special main board that allows the track to talk to the cars.

When you have a digital slot car track it gives special features like lights, lane changing, and the ability to track the positioning of the cars. Also in some cases, it will let the cars run in either direction on the track for a harder experience.

Do you have a lot of friends? Depending on the type of track you purchase it can run multiple cars on two lanes. If you have a Scalextric digital it’s possible to run up to six cars at once.

The main sizes of digital cars are 1/32 and 1/24; Carrera Digital did make for a while a 1/43 scale but they are difficult to find.

Sound exciting? Digital will add an increase in the price easily two to three hundred dollars more than analog. It is possible to turn an analog track into digital but it can become costly. I recommend you purchase a digital set to begin with to save some heartache.

Just like the track analog cars can be turned into digital. It requires a board that has to be plugged into the car.

Scalextric calls their digital cars DPR (Digital Plug Ready). Which means it has a removable compartment at the bottom of the car to hold the DPR chip. If the car doesn’t have a DPR area you can purchase a retrofit chip. The retro will take a little more effort to install and require a hole to be drilled into the chassis to fit the digital bulb.

Carrera toy cars also have a chip that fits into the car but you have to remove the car body from the chassis to install it.

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There are RC cars for beginners and slot car racing for those with smaller budgets.

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