Are DeeRC Cars Good?

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The cheap DeeRC Black Ghost RC is one of the most dependable cars in the collection. DeeRC built the car to have very low maintenance. Literally plug this little guy in for a charge and it’s ready to go every time.

Unlike high-end cars that can be really finicky and you are always breaking something. I haven’t broken anything on this car yet. It’s built for either a child or an adult.

This car was given to me by my wife a couple of years ago. As you can see in the picture how dirty it is from me playing with it.

It’s pretty small, I believe the DeeRC is 1/18 scale but I can’t remember. Everything you need to play with it comes in the box, including the charger. For how small it is, it’s pretty fast. You won’t be playing with this car inside.

I took it to a small outside track and it’s quick enough to make the jumps. The issue was that it comes with more street-type tires so traction wasn’t good. I play with this car pretty much in my driveway and that’s where it shines. It’s not only quick but it’s also all-wheel drive. It turns really quickly because all the tires have a grip.

There’s nothing I would change on this car, it does exactly what they built it to do.


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