DTM 1/32 hidden gems keep watch, an eye-catcher

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DTM 1/32 slot cars are the perfect start to any toy collection. These cars have stayed in the $29 range which makes them attractive. When I first started, I would purchase as many of these as I could get my hands on.

The BMW slot car in this blog post is probably two or three years old. I purchased it used on eBay, as you can see it’s in mint condition. That’s what attracted me to these DTM 1/32 cars. It seemed like the people who had them seldom played with them. What’s great now is that there are a couple of sellers who are selling these cars new at the same prices.

Even though these 1/32 slot cars aren’t going for big money the positive is that they are holding value. This gives you options of whether you want to play with it or try to hold to resell it down the road. Also, at this price point, you don’t have to be afraid when playing with this toy car. If you end up breaking a wing or a mirror you aren’t so far invested that you freak out.

The quality of this Carrera toy car is at the highest standard. The car will run very smoothly and won’t make any noise as it goes around the track. There are no lights or anything with these types of cars since at the price it will be an analog car, not a digital one.

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There are RC cars for beginners and slot car racing for those with smaller budgets.

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