Stocks and Slot Cars Will Build Generational Wealth

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Stocks can be a potential game changer in life. Allowing someone to accumulate quite a bit of wealth over time. It requires patience and not randomly buying and selling. What if you could consistently buy the same stocks every time you get paid. Wait, you can; it’s no different that investing into a 401k.

What if you followed the same pattern and invested into slot car collecting? It’s a chance to accumulate a little wealth at a faster rate of speed. Things have been hot for a couple of years with slot car pricing moving higher. At the moment there’s no sign of it slowing down.

The benefits of collecting cars is that it’s something enjoyable; which makes it easy to do. The hunt to find and collect limited editions is exonerating. Being in the collecting zone makes one feel alive. Then there’s a choice of whether to play with them or put them on a shelf for viewing only.

Stocks have been given the stigma of being too hard for individuals to understand. Individuals are told to leave it to the professionals to manage your money. But can you truly afford to leave everything in your life to a stranger?

Slot cars are simple to understand, and easy to keep track of. There’s no need to buy thousands of dollars of price tracking software. A note pad or excel document works just fine. Don’t over complicate anything, remember to never sell a car for less than you bought it unless it’s damaged.

Focus on cars that you are most interested in, that way when it’s time for research you won’t get bored. Know the car inside and out, especially it’s history and when it was built. It helps you gauge what the car is worth and what it has been going for.


I have a love for all things toy car-related whether it's Lamborghini toy cars, Corvette C8 toy cars, or big car toys for adults. My specialty is looking for the best deals in the right places.

Vintage toy cars are something that fascinates me. What makes old toy cars worth money? The desire to have the car that you dreamed about as a kid. Having the income to purchase the car now that you've found, imagining the joy that it will bring.

What toy car brands are hot right now?

Looking for dad hobbies?

Let me help you figure it out.

There are RC cars for beginners and slot car racing for those with smaller budgets.

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