Finished My White Countach Lego Lamborghini; Big Achievement

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Finished that white Countach Lego kit, but wasn’t sure if I was going to get it done. I’ve never been good at building Lego sets as a kid. To be honest, I felt like they were boring. So to spend time with this one surprised me.

If you remember from my first Countach Lego post I build the back first. The kit has the bags labeled in two sets, bags one and two. The first bag has you start with building the rear of the car. I did struggle a little bit with getting the wing on, I could figure out how to get the rear fenders to fold correctly. After some fiddling around I was able to get it.

The second back has all of the pieces for the front of the car. I felt like this went way smoother. I was able to get this built in about thirty minutes. There was one section that I did get a little confused but after taking about a two-minute break to clear my mind I figured it out.

For the most part, the instructions are pretty good in this kit. There are just some images that you may have to make an assumption or think about what it’s trying to tell you what to do. There isn’t any text in the instructions, just pictures and an occasional arrow pointing at something.

This exact kit can be found on Target for about $20.


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