Lego Lamborghini is a way to reduce stress

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I received a Lego Lamborghini for Christmas; my first kit. I would have never purchased this myself. When I opened it there was a little resistance when I saw it. I don’t see myself as having enough patience to finish.

To keep the kit from sitting on my shelf forever as soon as I got home that night I started working on it. I spent two hours and finished the first half of the build. It was rather calming, all I thought about was adding the next block. That’s when it hit me, if I’m stressed this kit would be a perfect thing to relax me because all of my thoughts went away.

This kit is an intro kit for kids or beginners; it costs about $20. My curiosity got the best of me and I needed to see what other kits were available. I looked on Target and came across another Lamborghini kit that was almost $400. Maybe when I get a little more advanced I’ll take that step and add it to my collection.

It appears that the automobiles fall under what they call Lego Technic, not sure what that means exactly.

When I finish the second half of the Lego Lamborghini build which is adding the front I’ll make another post with a picture.

Part II – Finished White Lego Countach Lambo


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