Grey Porsche Spyder is spectacular in real and toy

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The grey Porsche Spyder is one of the most sought-after cars in the world. Most will never be lucky enough to see one in person. It is what pushed me to look for one of these cars for months but in toy form. I was lucky to find one but I’m sure that I overpaid.

It’s a pleasure to have won this on eBay, even though it’s not in the greatest shape. It has a couple of scuffs and is missing the mirrors. I purchased this by anticipating that the cost of these would go up tremendously in the next couple of years.

Solid grey cars like this are hard to find, there are red and white, black and red striped cars that appear every so often. I have one of the red and white but it’s nowhere as beautiful as this grey Porsche Spyder even with its blemishes.

Keep a look out for this car, if you are at a garage or estate sale you may come across this hidden treasure. The best time to purchase is when the seller doesn’t know what it is or its possible value. Most likely if you are purchasing it on eBay the seller knows what it is.


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