What Scale Is HO Slot Cars?

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Scale HO slot cars are pretty small and can fit into the palm of your hand. These little cars are pretty fast; most adults own them. Since they are so small most people assume they are for kids but that’s really not the case.

They are perfect for anyone who has a really small space to set up the track. If you live in an apartment or need to constantly take down the track they are perfect. These little cars can be a little clunky though. Noise as it goes around the track seems to be common. Also, the motors are exposed so they can be hot when you pick them up.

Cost is about average to the bigger cars so don’t let that be much of a factor when deciding if this scale is for you. Most collectors like these small cars because if you have a lot of them they are easier to store.

If you are just starting out a good place to look for these cars is Hobby Lobby. You can find pretty good deals if you are patient. They will also have maybe one or two complete sets available for purchase. You can find AFX or Auto World cars at these locations.

Depending on how hardcore you want to get in collecting then you can transition into Tyco sets. These were around in the ’80s and ’90s; they draw a lot of attention these days. If you can find one in decent shape it could be worth some money.

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There are RC cars for beginners and slot car racing for those with smaller budgets.

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