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A good RC carpet car is perfect for having fun and crushing lap times. You don’t have to be a competitive racer to try and post a personal best. A car, a transponder, and your favorite track are all you need.

The lower the car is to the carpet the better. There are a couple of cars that are good for running carpets. I’m biased because I own two which are the Kyosho Fazer and the Mini-Z. Here are a couple of other options:

The Traxxas Toyota Supra is one that instantly comes to mind as an RC carpet car. I had a chance to see one of these run, and instantly hooked me on a 1/10 touring car. It seemed to handle pretty well, I didn’t have a lot of time to talk to the driver. Traxxas also makes a 1/10 Stingray which seems to be a hot item at the moment.

If you are a fan of the Ford GT go with the HPI Racing Sport 3 Flux Ford GT. The pricing on these is on the little high side. Initially, it’s what I wanted to get but it’s about $100 more than some of the other cars. I’ve been looking for a used one of these but with no luck.

Associated Electronics has a cool touring car called an Apex2 Sport ST550. I had a chance to see it run at my local track. They are good cars and are ready to run. There are truly plenty of options out there.

These aren’t the only cars out there but are a good start. Find the car that matches your personality and go for it.

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